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"Often when the combatants are ranged face to face, and swords are drawn and spears bristling, these men come between the armies and stay the battle, just as wild beasts are sometimes held spellbound. Thus even among the most savage barbarians anger yields to wisdom, and Mars is shamed before the Muses."
Diodorus Siculus - Histories circa 8 BC

"Some say that the study of philosophy was of barbarian origin. For the Persians had their Magi, the Babylonians or Assyrians the Chaldeans, the Indians their Gymnosophists, while the Kelts and the Galatae had seers called Druids and Semnotheoi."
Diogenes Laertius - Lives of the Philosophers circa 250 AD

Well, I have finished the Druid grade...What can I tell you about it? Everything and nothing. I could tell you all about the technical aspects of it, but I won't. I could tell you about my journey here, but I would like for you to visit again sometime.

Druidry is a very individual path to walk in many ways. Sure, I have met many Druids on the way. (Some of them didn't even know that they are Druids!) But my story would be as different as any other Druid that you talk to. In many ways walking the Druid path is much like the Taoist philosophy. I heard a saying once that the true Tao cannot be told. What that really means is that one can't describe it, it has to be experienced to be understood. Thats the way Druidry is, you have to experience it. I can't tell you because it would be something totally different for you.

Whatever the case, I have one important thing to say about this path I call druidry. When you enter the Ovate grade you don't stop being a Bard, and likewise when you enter the Druid grade you don't stop being a Bard and an Ovate. Grades aren't "ranks", they are more like areas of study, for lack of a better way to put it at the moment. (If I think of one I'll certainly change this.) But just because you're studying as an Ovate don't forget to review and further your studies as a Bard, and likewise for the Druid.

These last comments don't come from any of the histories or the great philosophers, but are opinions held by me personally. But they have been good companions to me on this path, and I feel are at least worth mentioning.

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