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My Morgan Tree

Everybody has a history. This is my family tree. I hope it is a help to people looking for there Morgan history. If you're not a Morgan, do you know where you come from?

1.  Mary Morgan 
    b. abt 1774 in (England)
    Mary came from England in 1804.  The community of Morgan
    Springs, Tennessee is named after her.  She had three sons:
    Willis, Louis, and George Washington Morgan.

  2.  Willis Morgan
      b.  1792
      m.  Mary White
      Served in the Hiwassee Garrison during the War of 1812.
      Moved to Cherokee, AL around 1818

  2.  Louis Morgan
      b.  1794, SC
      m.  April 30, 1815 to (Betsy) Elizabeth Gothard
      d.  December 4, 1869

  2.  George Washington Morgan
      b. 1799
      m. May 7, 1818 to Susannah Cline. December 5 1873 Mahala Gothard
      d. June 6, 1885 Rhea Co, TN
      George and Mahala had eight children:  Lewis Jr, Mary Ann,
      David, John W, Susan, Francis M, George, and William

      George served with the Hiwassee Garrison during the War of 1812.
    3.  Lewis Morgan Jr.
        b.  1820 Rhea Co TN
        m.  September 3, 1846 (Betsy) Elizabeth Pierce
        d.  abt. 1886
        Lewis and Betsy had eleven children:  Samantha, Parthenia,
        Caladonia H, Joseph Columbus, George L, Robert E, James L,
        Lillie, Henry Clay, Susan, and Jane

      4.  Joseph Columbus Morgan
          b.  1859 Rhea Co TN
          m.  1881 Nannie Brewer
          d.  1926 Rhea Co TN
          I have been able to find four children for Joseph and
          Nannie.  They are Fred Sr, Edith, Mildred, Pansey, and

        5.  Fred Morgan Sr.
            b.  June 9, 1885  Rhea Co TN
            m.  Lou Edna Thompson
            d.  1962 Scott Co TN
            I only know of three children for Fred Sr and Lou Edna.
            They are Fred Jr, William, and Geniveve.

          6.  Fred Morgan Jr.
              b.  September 16, 1906 Rhea Co TN
              m.  February 26, 1962 Anna Rose Crabtree
              d.  October 31, 1977 Pulaski Co KY
              Fred and Anna had three children:  Joseph, John,
              and Mary.

            7.  Joseph Frederick Morgan
                b.  private
                m.  March 2. 2001  Andrea Dawn Wolfe

                8.  Joseph Columbus Morgan
                    b.  private

            7.  John David Morgan
                b.  private

                8.  David Ray Morgan
                    b.  private

                8.  Amanda Morgan
                    b.  private

                8.  William Andrew Morgan
                    b.  pruvate

            7.  Mary Elizabeth Morgan
                b.  private
                m.  Raymond Jeffers

                8.  Elizabeth Jeffers
                    b.  private

                8.  Tabitha Jeffers
                    b.  private  

With a little co-operation from my Morgan relatives I plan to fill in some of the blank spaces on this page. If you see it you know who you are. Drop me an e-mail! Since this is an ongoing project, this page will be updated often. I hope to add more of my family on here soon. Good luck finding your roots!

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