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"...the Vates, diviners and natural philosophers..."
Strabo - Geographica

"To you alone it is given to know the truth about the gods and deities of the sky..."
Lucan - Pharsalia c.60AD

Natural philosophy and divination, time, healing and the mysteries of death and rebirth are all in the realm of Ovate study.

The Ovate grade is the second grade in the Druid order.

Among the many other things a great deal of time in this grade involves the study of trees and tree lore. The Druids used (and still do) a form of script called "Ogham".

And so for now I leave you in the spirit of the yew with :

The Ogham chart graphic I borowed from the website of the Druid Order. For More information you can visit it from the link on my Celtic Studies page.